Our Kickstarter Re-Launched!

Hi guys!  

Long story short, we decided to relaunch our campaign! We would love it if you'd check it out and lend your support for the second time.  

Meet us here: Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror Re-Launch 

It had been an amazing month for us. 

  •  Pamali is supported by our incredible, wonderful, great 182 backers. You’re the best! 
  • Our demo has more than 500 play-through videos on YouTube, with more than 5 millions accumulated views! 
  • Big gamer names such as John Wolfe and CoryxKenshin played our demo. 
  • We’re being featured in many press and articles, both international press and Indonesian ones!

However, unfortunately, our goal was not met. 

But we are not giving up, 

And we are happy to announce that we are re-launching our campaign!

What changed? 

We decided to have a smaller goal which is to fully develop our second folklore: The Tied Corpse by Q4 this year. 

 Even with limited funding from doing side projects, we’re trying our best to continue developing Pamali. We are planning to release our games episodically starting with the first folklore, The White Lady, which will be coming to Steam soon! Hopefully by doing this we could also solve our lack of funding problem. 

 Thank you very much for your warm supports and positive responses to our Pamali project. We’d never be here without you who still believe in us!

Best Regards,
StoryTale Studios

Get Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror [Demo]

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