Devlog #3 - A writer does what she has to do when she’s having a writer’s block.

Hi! I’m Mira, cultural content director for Pamali--and also, one of the narrative writers for all of the episodes! And today, I want to share on how I get the content and ideas for Pamali: The Tied Corpse.

Basically, the first thing I did for writing The Tied Corpse was the same as when I wrote The White Lady. Pamali’s stories need to be as authentic as it could and relatable to many people, so I tried to listen, search, read, and ask for real ghost stories from people who had experienced the real deal.

Nevertheless, listening to the stories made me having nightmares for days. No kidding. Because they were so real!! And I always felt like the Pocong was following me, but I think that’s only my imagination (HOPEFULLY THOUGH).

I also visited the nearest graveyards that I could go to. I found that TPU (Tempat Pemakaman Umum--Public Cemetery) Ciburial, located in Sarijadi, Bandung, is the closest one to the image of the game I have in my mind. The visits gave me and the team inspirations for the level design later!

Here’s the snapshots of how Indonesian graveyards look like (and maybe you can imagine these in the game later!)

Indonesian graveyards, especially the muslim and public ones, usually have big and old trees in it. The graveyards are usually placed facing the north. And it is usually very packed and the graves are close with each other.

The development for Pamali: The Tied Corpse, at least for the narrative part, has been done for at least two weeks. We want to do them a little bit better than the last time, and we now using Twine to do the job.

Here’s how the Twine looks like and it hasn’t finished yet, obviously..

Aulia and I are trying to find out the best way to branch the narrative. We’re trying to also combine the taboos in Indonesian graveyards and the gameplay, so that the player can get other information on what you should and shouldn’t do when you’re in Indonesian graveyards. We’re still compiling the data of the taboos!

A sneak peek and spoiler for the game later: it will have multiple endings, just like The White Lady! Yeayyy, you can play more than once to get all the endings!

So in the end, what I did to get the stories? Listening to all other stories circulated in my area and visit at least one place that probably giving the closest atmosphere that you want to give the audience to. It helped me tremendously. I hope the game will give you goosebumps, just like when I wrote the stories!

Until next time,
Mira Wardhaningsih

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