Devlog #5 - Enhancing the Object Interaction System

Hello! Andre’s here.

After receiving various feedback, we decided to revamp the interaction system we previously used. This new improved system will be implemented on the folklore one as well as the other folklores.

Overview of the old system:
On the previous system, when you hover the crosshair to an interactable object, the crosshair will change slightly and the name of the object will appear on top.

When you click and hold your mouse, choices will appear ranging from observing/looking at the object to directing interacting with it (pushing, grabbing, etc.)

Then you move your cursor and release it on the choice you would like to take.

Why revamping the system:
The old system works quite well but it raises some problems and limitations which are:
1. The choice/actions given to the player is limited only to 4.

2. We wanted to give players the choice on what to say, but this is hard to implement because of the limited choices (4) and it needs to have a way to tell player that a particular choice is an action (e.g. grabbing, pushing, opening) or a speech (mocking, looking, praising).
The speech choices are an important feature for us, because it gives us the room to expand the narrative. Moreover, in Indonesia, speaking wrongly may be as disrespectful as doing a wrong action. We want to present such experiences as well on the game.

3. We also wanted have player to have a choice menu specifically for using tools, for example if the player is holding a broom he’ll be able to ‘clean’ fallen leaves.

Possible solutions:
In a nutshell, we made the choices into 3 different menus: action menu (standar actions), speech menu (player’s monologue) and tool menu (actions by the tool that the player is holding).

We came out with these solutions:
1. Adding a keyboard button.
When player hovers their crosshair to an intractable object. Player will be given the choice to press either the E button or the F button which will open the action menu and the speech menu respectively.

2. Ctrl clicking the mouse.
The old system is still kept but it will be used specifically for ‘actions’. As for the speech menu, it will appear if the player adds ctrl while left clicking.

But for the second solution to work, there needs to be some sort of visual feedback that shows the player whether that particular object has the action menu, the speech menu, or both. So then I tried brainstorming and came up with some drafts:

But in the end I feel that on all the drafts above, the UI is to intrusive and isn’t in-sync with our UI’s grand design. And adding a new button and ctrl-clicking is too much hassle for the player.

What we choose to do?
After further iterating and testing we came up with this:

When hovering over an object, and two halves of a circle will appear. If the player left-clicks and holds, the choices for the action menu will appear

If the player right clicks, the speech menu will appear.

If a particular menu doesn’t exist, the the half-circle that corresponds to that menu will appear inactive and a subtle animation will show that the player is unable to access menu. The example below shows what happen if the player tries to access an inactive menu.

As for the tool menu, we decided to separate it. And I’ll take more about this on my next devlog.

We are currently testing out and improving this system as we speak. Hopefully we could share this with you soon.

That’s it for now, don’t forget to check our relaunched kickstarter campaign as well! Cheers!

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