Devlog #6 - Implementing Sompral Value on Pamali

Hello! I’m Aulia Khairunnisa, a creative content director for Pamali and also one of the writers in the team! Today, I want to share with you about our new feature—speech interaction, and how it’s related to the value we would like to convey to you guys.

In Indonesia, talking in a polite manner is considered important. Not only the real humans that need to be respected when we are talking to them, but the ‘unseen entities’ that might be around us, also should be respected too. The term for an attribute for someone who talks with arrogance and disrespect to the supernatural beings is called “sompral”, and it is very much related to the horror we perceive.

You might be considered sompral if you’re being inappropriate in a place that is considered haunted. In this case, not only talking rudely or arrogantly, making a joke about them and provoking them to show up, are also considered inappropriate. If you do so, the consequences might await you. One of my friends told me a story about her experience when her friend is being sompral and the consequence comes right away. It was when both of them were making a graveyard decoration for school event in a place that is famous for its supernatural creatures. Her friend said “what if a ghost comes out from the ground?”, and not long after that, my friend experienced the horror right away. She felt like there was a hand grabbing one of her feet, and after she checked at it, she had reddish mark in the shape of handprints.

Therefore, we want to put the importance of this value in Pamali game. By having a speech interaction system, it will allow the player to choose what to say in the game. Because Pamali is a dynamic horror, the freedom to choose on what to say also becomes one of the important aspects. You will become the one that can choose your fate in the game!

Our current iteration of the new speech interaction system. Check our previous devlog (click above) to learn more about it.

We also think that speech interaction system will enrich the narrative aspect. Thus, we’re applying this system for all folklores in our game! Please wait for the full release and experience yourself authentic Indonesian folklores through our game!

For now, that concludes my devlog. See you guys later!

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