Devlog #8 - Unified Object Interaction System

Hello there! Andre’s here. In this devlog I want to talk about another enhancement that we have made to our object interaction system which I personally love :D

On our demo we created two features that allow players to view certain objects in more detail.

1. Read:

2. Grab:

I feel that UX-wise this not very good because we have showed that the player has the ability to grab objects so why won’t they grab the ‘read’-able objects as well; It’s not in unison.

Other than that, from various feedbacks that the writings on our read-able objects are often too small and not legible on some screens. And we realize that there’s no way we could create an image that is perfect for all screens and so rise the need to create a way or feature that can adjust the size of the texts on demand. From the reasons above, it seems merging the reading with the grab system into a unified system is the best solution.

The unified system has other benefits too:

  1. Less effort in creating the text texture/image. Initially; with the two seperate features, we need to create 2 different textures for readable objects. For example, for a letter, we need to create a texture for the 3d mesh (based on the letter’s mesh UV) and also another image that will be shown on the screen when player ‘reads’ the letter.
  2. Less game size. Now all the letter, books, and other read-able objects has one less texture file, thus less size. Moreover, the on-screen textures for ‘readable’ objects requires an alpha (transparent) channel which increases the size of the image file, removing these images reduces the size of the game build tremendously.
  3. More contents. The unified system allow players to investigate the objects further. For example, by rotating or zooming in on a letter, player could find hidden texts or images. This allow us to put more narrative contents.

We also add other enhancements too! Now players could play with interactions within the unified system itself. This allow players to comment on certain parts of the objects, as well as initiating animations such as opening and closing a book.

Applying this new feature is actually a great hassle because we need to reimplement it to all the grab able objects one by one as well creating mesh and textures that are detailed enough to be grabbed and seen in a close distance. But despite it, we feel that the value it creates is worth the effort. We’ll be applying this feature on our other folklores as well. Can’t wait for you to test it yourself! That’s it for now, feel free to comment or personally discuss with me about this new system. Thank you for reading and have a nice day! :D

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