Devlog #9 - Good ol’ Weather System

Hello! My name is Irfan and in this devlog I want to share our progress on making Pamali.


As you may know from our demo, the first folklore of Pamali focuses on indoor area. Meanwhile, in the second folklore we’re focusing on outdoor area, especially a cemetery. To enhance the immersion, we have applied a lot of details and interactions within the first folklore. But since the second chapter will focus on outdoor area, we can’t add that much details and object interactions anymore so we add a new system to our game: weather system.



The weather system will let the level designers to make any kind of weather they need, to enhance the world’s immersion. For now, we’re trying to make a weather system where we can:

1.  Control the sky’s color. Luckily, Unreal Engine got our back for this feature, so we can achieve any color to decorate the sky relatively easy, including the Sun and other Stars as well. With this, we can make a wide variant of nights to try out. 

2. Generate effects. The second folklore’s world will be dark, but then what’s the different with the first folklore then? That is why we want to bring rain into the second chapter of Pamali. By adding some additional layers into our weather, we may be able to achieve a better immersion to our world. Some of those effects could be rain, fog, even thunder.

3.  Control it anytime anywhere. Since we want to make this system become easily usable by the level designers, we have to make this system as easy as possible to control at anytime the game runs. With this, we can craft a better experience for you to play plus some creepier spooks await you.


On current iteration, we have made the control for sky’s color and thunder effect, but we’re not finished here and will continue on improving it within the next iterations as we still have to improve the effects and add some particle effects in it. I don’t think my progress can be identified as stunning yet but personally I had fun learning things like this. We might apply this feature in the other folklores as well. I hope you enjoyed reading/listening to our progress this week. Feel free to give your opinion about this upcoming system with any of us. Thank you and see you later!


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