Devlog #13 - Why Email Feature is Significant for the Narrative in the Game

Hi. I’m Aulia, the creative content writer for Pamali game. In this devlog, I’ll be talking about one of our significant features in the game, which is the email feature that can be accessed through computer in the home area. I’ll explain about how it actually strengthens the narrative aspect in the game for a deeper understanding regarding the universe of Pamali game.

Email feature is one of the significant features that we have in Pamali game. Not only providing information regarding the story or the ghost, the narrative content in the emails also acts as a glue to all Pamali’s episodes (The White Lady, The Tied Corpse, The Little Devil, and The Hungry Witch). Through a new character, the one who’s actually researching the four ghosts, the narrative in the email is designed to connect each story that has different themes, setting, and characters.

Since Pamali is an Indonesia folklore horror, we design the email content to represent the meaning of folklore itself. It means that there are some horror stories shared by people, friends, cousins that goes from mouth to mouth in the emails. For example, in The White Lady, we put a story about someone who heard a story about a haunted house where the laughter of Kuntilanak is oftenly heard. He started a rumour about it, adding some spices to make  the story more interesting—as what some people usually do.

Moreover, if you notice, the access to the game is through the attachment file, thus, it can create a sense that the game is actually the portrayal of the sender’s story. By opening the attachment file, it means that we jump into the story, and experience the story first handedly.

In the second folklore, we also designed the narrative for the emails with the same mindset. I can’t wait to show you guys the game and also the email feature. Please wait for our second game release, The Tied Corpse, on May 14!

See you on another devlog! Cheers.

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