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halo aku bangga dengan karya anda game nya bagus dan seruh rilis game full nya kapan ya mohon dijawab 

I'm always down for learning about different cultures' ghosts and monsters. The end of the chapter explaining exactly what I did to affect whether the spirit attacked me made this into a really educational experience, and it's really refreshing to see a different approach to supernatural horror. Being given the option to show respect for a spirit and being rewarded for it was great, and having multiple ways to end the experience really added depth, especially the most realistic option for a haunting, "Get the **** out." Ready for chapter 2 whenever you guys finish.

Lemme get in on this link posting train. My playthrough on Twitch. Hope Pamali scares a whole buttload of people on release!

I'm late to the game but it was very fun. Probably the scariest game I've played so far!

What a brilliant ideia! I really enjoy playing this game! I think you did a great job creating the atmosphere, the story and the overall game! I actually made a video playing it, I hope you enjoy! 

I'm a bit late to the party playing this one, but really liked it :)

Brilliant Game : Went through All Ending of the Game .Loved It :

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This game has so much potential it’s insane! The controls and sound design are outstanding, and it genuinely scares the s*%t out of me!

I played it for a YouTube video, and I urge you to download the game for yourself, and if you have the money spare throw some money at their kickstarter re-launch:

Here’s my play through for those interested:


Akhirnya salah satu game horror yang cukup menjanjikan dari negeri sendiri. Grafik dan atmosfernya sempurna dan sangat membangun suasana horror. Suasana kelam yang dibangun dengan mulus dari awal. Yang paling menonjol dan sangat keren menurut ane adalah audionya, dibuat detail sehingga benar-benar terasa seperti ada yang menangis di kejauhan atau ada yang ngorok di sebelah kanan kita. Ada beberapa hal di gameplay yang mungkin menurut ane bisa diperbaiki :

  • Mungkin untuk memo bisa dibuat agar bisa kita zoom? Karena foto dan item bisa dizoom, tapi note atau surat ga bisa. Cukup susah buat ngebaca tulisan tangan sampai harus ngedeketin wajah ke layar.
  • Jumpscare yang miss-able karena kemunculannya yang agak random. Agak disayangkan.

Overall pesan yang dibawa demo version ini bagus. Ane sangat menunggu full versionnya rilis. Good luck and salute to all people from StoryTale Studio who work their ass out for this awesome game!


Pamali is a great game and, you guys at StoryTale Studios should be proud! I enjoy different cultures takes on what is scary and, suspensful. I was really emerged  in the different objects in the house and, what they meant to Jaka. Can't wait for the full game to be out!
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So I played this game and it literally had me on the edge of my seat, usually I'm picky of my horror games, but this one was golden. Great atmosphere, and also after further research, I really appreciate the heavily influenced Indonesian culture tie ins with this game. I can't wait for it to come out fully! (This is part one of two)

Part 2 is out! 

I guess what probably makes this too easy and predictable is the fact you can get the gate key right away and leave without being scared. Which ultimately means now you have to intentionally do things to get the jump scares instead of them happening naturally, catching you off guard and scaring you. Other than that, I enjoyed the game and the lesson that it teaches, which we should all know is to respect the dead, respect spirits etc, whatever you believe or not. I'll be watching for the full release!

The game teaches us how to respect the dead and that every action has an effect .
I really hope they can turn this into a full story whereby the game can grow .

Has a great prospect of integrating our asian culture into a horror game , that lets us understand and respect the dead :)

I really liked this game. I cannot wait for the for version. I think it is going to be really something amazing. I think I will be supporting it on kickstarter if it is still open to it. 

Just made a video on this game and holy shit, I loved this a lot! I'm definitely gonna be playing the full game once it's released because this demo was so damn creepy! This is what I love in a horror game. Creepy atmosphere, good sound effects to keep you on edge. This was great! 

you cant even play 

I'm not alone in this house! I just wanted to clean up my families home so I could find some peace!

This game was great! Felt at unease the entire time, the music and sound effects was so scary! Very exited for the full game! :)

Really enjoyed the demo! It's such a unique approach to a horror game having item interaction affect the outcome in this way. Extra points for non-Western folklore. I'm very interested in seeing the end result! Very good job so far and good luck with your Kickstarter campaign!

My one gripe with the demo is having to hold and drag instead of just clicking to interact with things, but that's just my preference.

Also, when we interact with an item and it triggers dialogue, I'd love to be able to choose when to exit from the text. The subtitles disappear quickly and those of us who don't speak the language need time to read them since we won't know what's being said otherwise. Beyond that, nice work!

Mau nanya kalau nanti full release kalau jumpscare hantunya diliatin mukanya gak soalnya yang demo muka kuntilanaknya gak diliatin tolong ya kalau udah full release muka hantunya diliatin biar lebih serem

Really enjoyed this game! I really love these folklore games! They give us a glance at a culture through their folklore in a video game and that I think is valuable on its own! But don't take my word for it! Check it out for yourself!

This was great, can't wait for the full game!!

Tried getting some more endings! :D played it again! 

Really like the design of the environment and sound, and how you can easily miss the jump scares if you grab the keys and "Get the %$@% Out" lol.

Looking forward to the full release, really cool demo that leaves you wanting more.

link video gua mainin game ini, well done bgt buat developer indie game di bandung buat game ini, atmosphere nya ambient sound nya semua nya dibalut dengan rapi dan dapet banget feel nya !!! ga sabar nunggu full release nya !!! 

I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the uneasy feeling I had the entire time! Great demo!

This was pretty fun and spooky. Looking forward to the next chapters!
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Hi there, I just recently played through the demo for Pamali and I quite enjoyed it. The game certainly wastes no time in trying to unsettle you, from the moment I first walked into the house I immediately had chills down my spine. 

The atmosphere is set up very well, and I love the fact that as you interact with the environment more, things begin changing. Visual wise the game is very pretty, and makes excellent use of the dark colour palette, further adding to the horror experience. The audio really shines here as well, the game makes excellent use of the binaural effect to really pull you in and make it feel as though what's in front of you is really happening. I also liked that the game carries a message with it, to always try and respect the dead, as you can never be sure who's watching or listening.

I have two gripes that I picked up while playing. One is that the game is just so dark, I tried messing with the brightness slider in the options but that didn't seem to do anything for me. My second gripe is with the notes, the handwriting on some of them is almost illegible or just way too small, giving the player the ability to see a clear text version as well as the original would be wonderful.

All in all, I think this is an excellent start to what looks to be a terrifyingly good horror game. Atmosphere is nailed, it looks great and the sound is spot on. 

I hope you don't mind but I made a let's play video of the demo for my channel.

Cheers and best wishes to you,


Hay bro udah gw coba gamenya keren banget WENAKKKK, Apa lagi soundnya juara !!


I played the new update of Pamali to find all the endings! Is there presently any way to get into the locked rooms? Really curious as to what's behind those doors cuz i love finding secrets and Easter eggs! Here's ma video (I get attacked by a painting in it) :P if anyone's reading the comments to decide if they should play this game - do it. It's something really special!

sempet waktu pas smp kepikiran rencana buat game yg ngambil temanya tentang mitos di indonesia,ehh ada yg buat :v,dri bandung lagi nih,best lah

Mitos dan legenda di Indonesia masih banyak dan luas kok, masih banyak yang bisa di ceritakan via media game. Semoga mas bisa mendevelop game yang mengangkat tema Indonesia juga :D

kalau bisa,mungkin suatu waktu bisa nuangin projek nya di game juga.semangat buat dev game horor indonesia :)

I really enjoyed this little horror game! Im looking forward to the full release!

Thank you! Glad that you enjoyed it :D Please support us on kickstarter.

Filenya tidak bisa diextract/diplay karena ada beberapa files yang missing. Saya akhirnya download beberapa file seperti 'api-ms-win-crt-time-l1-1-0.dll' dan lain lain di STS karena nampaknya hilang.  

 Selain itu, nampaknya aplikasinya membutuhkan Microsoft Visual C+++ 2015 (punya saya udah yang 2017 tapi programnya masih kekeuh untuk install program tersebut) + DirectX Runtime (yang seharusnya nggak diperlukan lagi karena sudah ada DirectX yang lebih baru, tapi juga tetep kekeuh menggunakan program ini) .  

 Specs: Windows 8.1, 64-bit DirectX 11

Ada yang bisa membantu? Saya harap ada yang follow through :D 

Coba di extract menggunakan 7-zip

Kalau masih tidak bisa, coba diinstall via steam:

Thanks! Ternyata sudah bisa dimainkan. Entah karena download steam atau setelah memasukkan 'api-ms-win-crt-conio-l1-1-0.dll' di Windows. 

im not able to extract the game i dont know what to do

Try extracting it using 7-zip

Deleted post

Tidak perlu diinstall, setelah di extract tinggal jalankan launchernya: "Pamali - Demo.exe"
Apakah sudah dicoba didownload ulang?

sudah saya coba download 2 kali bang, ttep enggk mau dan keluar tulisan itu

Mungkin ada solusi lain ga ya ? 

Pingin bgt nyoba game ini soalnya


Apakah windowsnya mas 64-bit?
Mgkn mas bisa juga mencoba untuk menginstall via steam:

iya mas 64 bit

ok saya coba ya, kalau mau nanti saya beri feed back 

terima kasih.

what can i say about this game other than wow! this game had me on the edge!! love it love it love! keep up the great work devs!! i want more :D

ga sabar buat main yg full nya :D

Game nya keren bangeet,saya suka. apa lagi bernuansa indonesia,gak kalah serem sama game game buatan luar

Thank you! Support Kickstarter kita yaa :)

Not sure if i ever shared my playthough of this game on here! just in case ill post again! alot of fun! some of my comments told me abit of lore about this game which made it even spookier ! Great demo hope to see more like it! 

Thank you :D Let me give on bit of lore also; the white lady or the kuntilanak's voice is loud when she's far but become softer and quiter when she's close to you

Oh god, so id have to have her scream in my ear to actually be safe and far away ? lol

Yup pretty much lol

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