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game nya bagus tapi pas mau buka game nya gak bisa

i truly enjoyed this game, and overall was a satisfying experience as a demo. I look forward to trying the whole game now. 

Pamali is an indonesian horror game, and so going into this, it was a bit different from what I was expecting. First of all the voice acting is in Indonesian, which was refreshing, but took me off guard. Second the soundscape is lovely, yet very subtle, so when a door closes or humming starts to happen, you realize real quick something is wrong.

It doesn't rely on jump scares which is a plus in my book, but instead chooses to build atmosphere as you learn more about Jaka, and the old family household that he has to clean before the funeral. More than anything this game taught me quite a bit more on culture, and how nosey or mocking is definitely not a road to go. Also my sister may be a ghost, and getting out alive is a whole other ordeal.

Overall give the demo a try, and this will be a gateway to the full game. Which so far, has been more than satisfying. Just try it! 

hello ! este juego me encanto ! le hice un gameplay en mi canal , espero que lo disfrutess : ) saludos y te deseo muchos exitosss 

Its amazing game! Cant wait to see full experience! 

Game freaked me out so bad, i quit early! lol Game here: 

Subscribe please.


ini anjing banget

tapi boong ini bagossss


The game was certainly scary (at times) and it provoked strong reactions from me and my friend tagging along for a stream of it -- most of which were simply for entertainment purposes -- because the game drags a bit. One issue is that the game is dark. When I added my B&W filter which I apply to all videos in my new hobby series (where my friends enjoy watching me freak out), it was essentially a black-screen simulator. Moreover, the character doesn't seem alarmed by any of the encounters with the ghosts and the game relies too heavily on limited choices, which in turn, only serves to punish the player by sticking them with a 1-2 minute speech about tolerance. All-in-all, it has potential, but these elements need to be improved or the game won't cut it for me. I'm saying this as a former software developer (of ten years) and a professional writer. 


why are you bitching about a game being too dark when you literally created your own problem by adding another layer of black to it with the black and white filter? Are you a moron? lol


This has to be the best horror game I have ever played. It is multi layered in a way similar to the Bad Dream series. But I am hoping to get  help in this forum. I cannot load the game; I get an error notification which refers to red lipstick. The game is so good that I am wondering if I did something in the game which angered not the ghost but the developers. Is this a continuation of the game? Is this my life? What is real?


This game made me very interested in Indonesian culture. Can't wait for all the chapters to be out!

For some reason, the files can't be extracted for me to play the game.

Nice game!  I played it twice just to see all the different things I could/should do/not do. 

the humming is terryfying 

Nice demo ; great atmosphere !!

Hello, I'm french

very like game, :)

im done

No conozco el folklore indones pero el juego me ha gustado muchisimo 

The Demo gave me the chills, we were so tense. well done :D

I thoroughly enjoyed this! Well done guys!

☠️ WE GOT THE HAPPY ENDING! | Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror - The White Lady 👻

The white lady can now rest in peace in the good ending! Come see it all unfold! 

bro gua takut maininnya wkwk

Scary game, LOVED THE GRAPHICS, I think it's my favorite horror game yet!

Are there any plans to bring the full version of Pamali to ?

Hey, back again with the full version of The White Lady! I had questions about a couple of things, and google wasn't helping: Why does taking a bath at night invite spirits, and why do the sharp objects (nails, scissors) keep them away?

disclaimer : im not developer this game, but I live in indonesia

first :
almost java peoples believe if you want to talk with ghost, or do something "RITUAL" thing you have to take a bath with 7 flowers of shape, and why the lady ghost (kuntilanak) afraid with shape objects (nails, scissors) even with broom stick because some myth says they die with that object.

nail : myth says when you put nail in lady ghost head she will become beautiful women.
scissors : because lady ghost believe she is beautiful with long hair, she afraid when look scissors because people want cut their hair 

Sweet, thanks for the explanation!

Loved the atmosphere this game produces! so much so that I went out and bought the full one. 

I failed to appease the white lady this time but i will in the full release!

Episode 3, Still Loving it, I've downloaded the DLC but have no idea how to access the gameplay

I think it hasn't been released yet (I know, we basically preordered DLC, and that wasn't clearly marked). It says it'll be available Q1 2019, the second one says Q2 2019, and the third one is Q3.

The noises freaked me out big time!

An amazing update to this game! Loved the new features and research aspect! 


i made a playthrough!

Super interesting game! Very unique! Keep up the great work!

I liked how this game subverted my expectations. Things I thought would be acceptable later turn out to be disrespectful to the spirit. It made me think about what exactly I was doing. Great job!

Got into the full game!

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