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No conozco el folklore indones pero el juego me ha gustado muchisimo 

fav vid of this is here!

The Demo gave me the chills, we were so tense. well done :D

I thoroughly enjoyed this! Well done guys!

☠️ WE GOT THE HAPPY ENDING! | Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror - The White Lady 👻

The white lady can now rest in peace in the good ending! Come see it all unfold! 

bro gua takut maininnya wkwk

Scary game, LOVED THE GRAPHICS, I think it's my favorite horror game yet!

Are there any plans to bring the full version of Pamali to ?

Hey, back again with the full version of The White Lady! I had questions about a couple of things, and google wasn't helping: Why does taking a bath at night invite spirits, and why do the sharp objects (nails, scissors) keep them away?

disclaimer : im not developer this game, but I live in indonesia

first :
almost java peoples believe if you want to talk with ghost, or do something "RITUAL" thing you have to take a bath with 7 flowers of shape, and why the lady ghost (kuntilanak) afraid with shape objects (nails, scissors) even with broom stick because some myth says they die with that object.

nail : myth says when you put nail in lady ghost head she will become beautiful women.
scissors : because lady ghost believe she is beautiful with long hair, she afraid when look scissors because people want cut their hair 

Sweet, thanks for the explanation!

Loved the atmosphere this game produces! so much so that I went out and bought the full one. 

I failed to appease the white lady this time but i will in the full release!

Episode 3, Still Loving it, I've downloaded the DLC but have no idea how to access the gameplay

I think it hasn't been released yet (I know, we basically preordered DLC, and that wasn't clearly marked). It says it'll be available Q1 2019, the second one says Q2 2019, and the third one is Q3.

The noises freaked me out big time!

An amazing update to this game! Loved the new features and research aspect! 


i made a playthrough!

Super interesting game! Very unique! Keep up the great work!

I liked how this game subverted my expectations. Things I thought would be acceptable later turn out to be disrespectful to the spirit. It made me think about what exactly I was doing. Great job!

Got into the full game!

I loved the demo of this.. The full game is even better !

Intinya bangga dengan karya bangsa Indonesia. :))

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Tolong buat developer munculkan juga untuk versi Mobile!!! pc saya rusak jadinya gk bisa download!!!!!.... 

halo aku bangga dengan karya anda game nya bagus dan seruh rilis game full nya kapan ya mohon dijawab 

I'm always down for learning about different cultures' ghosts and monsters. The end of the chapter explaining exactly what I did to affect whether the spirit attacked me made this into a really educational experience, and it's really refreshing to see a different approach to supernatural horror. Being given the option to show respect for a spirit and being rewarded for it was great, and having multiple ways to end the experience really added depth, especially the most realistic option for a haunting, "Get the **** out." Ready for chapter 2 whenever you guys finish.

Lemme get in on this link posting train. My playthrough on Twitch. Hope Pamali scares a whole buttload of people on release!

I'm late to the game but it was very fun. Probably the scariest game I've played so far!

What a brilliant ideia! I really enjoy playing this game! I think you did a great job creating the atmosphere, the story and the overall game! I actually made a video playing it, I hope you enjoy! 

I'm a bit late to the party playing this one, but really liked it :)

Brilliant Game : Went through All Ending of the Game .Loved It :

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This game has so much potential it’s insane! The controls and sound design are outstanding, and it genuinely scares the s*%t out of me!

I played it for a YouTube video, and I urge you to download the game for yourself, and if you have the money spare throw some money at their kickstarter re-launch:

Here’s my play through for those interested:


Akhirnya salah satu game horror yang cukup menjanjikan dari negeri sendiri. Grafik dan atmosfernya sempurna dan sangat membangun suasana horror. Suasana kelam yang dibangun dengan mulus dari awal. Yang paling menonjol dan sangat keren menurut ane adalah audionya, dibuat detail sehingga benar-benar terasa seperti ada yang menangis di kejauhan atau ada yang ngorok di sebelah kanan kita. Ada beberapa hal di gameplay yang mungkin menurut ane bisa diperbaiki :

  • Mungkin untuk memo bisa dibuat agar bisa kita zoom? Karena foto dan item bisa dizoom, tapi note atau surat ga bisa. Cukup susah buat ngebaca tulisan tangan sampai harus ngedeketin wajah ke layar.
  • Jumpscare yang miss-able karena kemunculannya yang agak random. Agak disayangkan.

Overall pesan yang dibawa demo version ini bagus. Ane sangat menunggu full versionnya rilis. Good luck and salute to all people from StoryTale Studio who work their ass out for this awesome game!


Pamali is a great game and, you guys at StoryTale Studios should be proud! I enjoy different cultures takes on what is scary and, suspensful. I was really emerged  in the different objects in the house and, what they meant to Jaka. Can't wait for the full game to be out!
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So I played this game and it literally had me on the edge of my seat, usually I'm picky of my horror games, but this one was golden. Great atmosphere, and also after further research, I really appreciate the heavily influenced Indonesian culture tie ins with this game. I can't wait for it to come out fully! (This is part one of two)

Part 2 is out! 

I guess what probably makes this too easy and predictable is the fact you can get the gate key right away and leave without being scared. Which ultimately means now you have to intentionally do things to get the jump scares instead of them happening naturally, catching you off guard and scaring you. Other than that, I enjoyed the game and the lesson that it teaches, which we should all know is to respect the dead, respect spirits etc, whatever you believe or not. I'll be watching for the full release!

The game teaches us how to respect the dead and that every action has an effect .
I really hope they can turn this into a full story whereby the game can grow .

Has a great prospect of integrating our asian culture into a horror game , that lets us understand and respect the dead :)

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