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Hi there, I just recently played through the demo for Pamali and I quite enjoyed it. The game certainly wastes no time in trying to unsettle you, from the moment I first walked into the house I immediately had chills down my spine. 

The atmosphere is set up very well, and I love the fact that as you interact with the environment more, things begin changing. Visual wise the game is very pretty, and makes excellent use of the dark colour palette, further adding to the horror experience. The audio really shines here as well, the game makes excellent use of the binaural effect to really pull you in and make it feel as though what's in front of you is really happening. I also liked that the game carries a message with it, to always try and respect the dead, as you can never be sure who's watching or listening.

I have two gripes that I picked up while playing. One is that the game is just so dark, I tried messing with the brightness slider in the options but that didn't seem to do anything for me. My second gripe is with the notes, the handwriting on some of them is almost illegible or just way too small, giving the player the ability to see a clear text version as well as the original would be wonderful.

All in all, I think this is an excellent start to what looks to be a terrifyingly good horror game. Atmosphere is nailed, it looks great and the sound is spot on. 

I hope you don't mind but I made a let's play video of the demo for my channel.

Cheers and best wishes to you,


Hay bro udah gw coba gamenya keren banget WENAKKKK, Apa lagi soundnya juara !!


I played the new update of Pamali to find all the endings! Is there presently any way to get into the locked rooms? Really curious as to what's behind those doors cuz i love finding secrets and Easter eggs! Here's ma video (I get attacked by a painting in it) :P if anyone's reading the comments to decide if they should play this game - do it. It's something really special!

sempet waktu pas smp kepikiran rencana buat game yg ngambil temanya tentang mitos di indonesia,ehh ada yg buat :v,dri bandung lagi nih,best lah

Mitos dan legenda di Indonesia masih banyak dan luas kok, masih banyak yang bisa di ceritakan via media game. Semoga mas bisa mendevelop game yang mengangkat tema Indonesia juga :D

kalau bisa,mungkin suatu waktu bisa nuangin projek nya di game juga.semangat buat dev game horor indonesia :)

I really enjoyed this little horror game! Im looking forward to the full release!

Thank you! Glad that you enjoyed it :D Please support us on kickstarter.

Filenya tidak bisa diextract/diplay karena ada beberapa files yang missing. Saya akhirnya download beberapa file seperti 'api-ms-win-crt-time-l1-1-0.dll' dan lain lain di STS karena nampaknya hilang.  

 Selain itu, nampaknya aplikasinya membutuhkan Microsoft Visual C+++ 2015 (punya saya udah yang 2017 tapi programnya masih kekeuh untuk install program tersebut) + DirectX Runtime (yang seharusnya nggak diperlukan lagi karena sudah ada DirectX yang lebih baru, tapi juga tetep kekeuh menggunakan program ini) .  

 Specs: Windows 8.1, 64-bit DirectX 11

Ada yang bisa membantu? Saya harap ada yang follow through :D 

Coba di extract menggunakan 7-zip

Kalau masih tidak bisa, coba diinstall via steam:

Thanks! Ternyata sudah bisa dimainkan. Entah karena download steam atau setelah memasukkan 'api-ms-win-crt-conio-l1-1-0.dll' di Windows. 

im not able to extract the game i dont know what to do

Try extracting it using 7-zip

Deleted post

Tidak perlu diinstall, setelah di extract tinggal jalankan launchernya: "Pamali - Demo.exe"
Apakah sudah dicoba didownload ulang?

sudah saya coba download 2 kali bang, ttep enggk mau dan keluar tulisan itu

Mungkin ada solusi lain ga ya ? 

Pingin bgt nyoba game ini soalnya


Apakah windowsnya mas 64-bit?
Mgkn mas bisa juga mencoba untuk menginstall via steam:

iya mas 64 bit

ok saya coba ya, kalau mau nanti saya beri feed back 

terima kasih.

what can i say about this game other than wow! this game had me on the edge!! love it love it love! keep up the great work devs!! i want more :D

ga sabar buat main yg full nya :D

Game nya keren bangeet,saya suka. apa lagi bernuansa indonesia,gak kalah serem sama game game buatan luar

Thank you! Support Kickstarter kita yaa :)

Not sure if i ever shared my playthough of this game on here! just in case ill post again! alot of fun! some of my comments told me abit of lore about this game which made it even spookier ! Great demo hope to see more like it! 

Thank you :D Let me give on bit of lore also; the white lady or the kuntilanak's voice is loud when she's far but become softer and quiter when she's close to you

Oh god, so id have to have her scream in my ear to actually be safe and far away ? lol

Yup pretty much lol

Love it. Very creepy and beautiful game. Definitely interested in playing the rest when it comes out.

Thank you for trying our demo :D

Loving the demo and the Asian Horror vibe is on point! You guys portrayed the Asian Horror Mythology so well, I relate it in many levels! Keep up with development and hope for the best for your team! Thank you!

Thank you! Glad that you enjoyed it :D
We are currently live in Kickstarter. Please support us :)

Impressive and quite striking visuals!

Thank you! :D


Thank You :D Aminnn!
Tolong support yaa, kita skg jg lg ngeggalang dana utk developmentnya di Kickstarter. Bisa dilihat di link ini. :)

`〇Д〇)GooseBumps activated. excuse me ghost imma cry in this corner.


If ya enjoy da thumbnails I make consider leaving a lik blah blah.. :3

LOVED the demo!<3

Thank you for trying our demo! Love the way you edit the baby on your thumbnail :D Please support our kickstarter

Played it a couple days ago, it legit got my scared my man haha. I like the eerie ness to it and the folklore/story made it way scarier. I liked that it didn't rely on jumpscares!

Glad that you enjoyed it! Yes, we want to bring a new fresh air to the horror genre by relying more on its story and folklores.

Wow that was really great. Had a lot of moments where i wanted to stop playing (out of fear). The graphics are amazing, and the story is really solid. Can't wait to see the full release.

Thank you! I enjoyed your video as well. We are currently are campaigning in kickstarter to support the development of the game, please support us! :)

Thanks for making this, I enjoyed the play through, I found it easy to grasp and at no point did I feel relaxed which for a horror game is good.

The sound affects are done perfectly, creepy, atmospheric, straight up spook, the lighting was I felt was good it gave an authentic look to the oil lanterns but I do think a gamma level adjuster would nice, some times I got spooked but couldn't see what was causing it.

Overall great job and I look forward to playing the next chapters.

Thank you for trying our demo and spreading the word about our kickstarter as well! The campaign is now live, it would be awesome if you would check it out here :)


I spent more than 2 hours in the demo just looking around and the attention to detail is amazing. I also had a different experience every time I played. I'll definitely buy the full game when it's released. You guys did a fantastic job!

Thank you! That was very unfortunate that you lost you first playthrough's recording :"(
We are currently are campaigning in kickstarter to support the development of the game, please support us! :)

Greetings from Germany. I really like your game, the atmosphere was very good and spooky. I really was afraid, even if there wasn't really anything, the right timing of different sounds made it even scarier. I am looking forward to play the other stories to. ^^

Thank you for trying our demo! Looking forward to sharing the other stories with you as well :D
We are currently are campaigning in kickstarter to support the development of the game, please support us! :)

I've always been a sucker for myths and folklore. Thankfully this has it and horror in it. Really like it and the idea that certain items can affect your experience in the game.

Thank you for trying our demo! :D

Amazing game guys! Has alot of potential and had me on edge the whole time! EVERYONE PLAY THIS GAME! You are seriously going to enjoy it!


Thank you! The gremlin-looking creature is called 'tuyul' by the way, check it out ;)

there's a new update??  Do I download it again from Also could you guys alert me of new updates when they come out so I can make videos ASAP! My first one did super well!!

Really enjoyed this one.  Atmospheric and incredibly unnerving. Nice sound effects.

Really glad that you enjoyed it! :D And you're right, the ghost is called "kuntilanak" in Indonesia.

what are the minimum system requirements?

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50Ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

Probably the creepiest game I've ever played... loved it 

(1 edit)

Thank you! Some of the sounds you hear are actually recorded from authentic Indonesians instruments. We tried our best to bring a unique audio experience and we really glad that you are able to enjoy it :D

Gave it a go...


Thank you for trying out our demo! Love your explanation on the "be respectful" lesson of the game :)

Such a very cool horror game!  I can;t wait for the full version to be out :D 


Thank you! We're planning to crowdfund our project through a kickstarter campaign soon (June 27) to finish the rest of the game, please support us! :D

Now this was an amazing demo right there as it is based on real folklores which already creates a creepy tension and the way the games goes with weird things happening,things falling,breaking creeped me out so much without any in your face jumpscares which is pretty impressive. I tried my best to get a perfect run where I dont do anything wrong but Im confused with what to do when it comes to things like diary or baby doll cuz without interacting with them, you cannot proceed and thus Im stuck wondering that is there a way to progress or since its a demo u just cant? Let me know about that. Though I managed to find another perfect run where I get myself the gate keys and not interact with anything and just got outta there which is the best XD

Overall really awesome demo and Im surely looking forward to the full version =)

Thank you! Love how the way to tried to play the game many time to experience various gameplay :D Unfortunately the content on the demo is quite limited, and you pretty much have explored most of it. The full version will include a full story of the first folklore (the white lady). Help us realize this project by supporting us on our upcoming Kickstarter Campaign on June 27! :)

that's Great Game!
I hope the Realese version will include Korean.

Thank You! We actually are planning to release a Korean version if we reached our first stretch goal on our upcoming Kickstarter campaign (June 27). Support us! :)

Really scary and fun game!!!!

Thank you! Glad that you enjoyed it! :D

This game had such a great atmosphere! I love the use of folk lore in games like this, and this game did a great job with it! Really got creeped out with the voice of the lady lol Can't wait to see the other stories! 

Thank you for creating a video about our demo! Your explanation on the plot and the ghost in the end of the video is pretty spot on! By the way, to answer your question on the video also; there is actually another ending :)

Pretty cool layers of fear style horror game actually had a lot of replayability and the interacting with the items and the outcome of that was a nice touch i look forward to the full release thanks

Thank you! We're also looking forward to sharing the full game with you! It seems you have reached on of our endings, hopefully you could get the other ending on your next playthrough :D

This game was the perfect blend of everything I look for in a horror game. The story was very well done and the voice acting fit perfectly with it. The atmosphere was terrifying and made me feel like I was in the middle of a Paranormal Activity movie. There are many ghost games out there but not so many can create an intense environment like this one did. I’m definitely excited for the full game and I think you have a unique idea in creating different stories for different entities in Indonesian folklore. Thanks so much for making this!

Thank you! We are trying to introduce Indonesian folklore horror to the world. We are really glad that you found it unique :D


Honestly I've been looking around to find a game that is about the folklore of other regions and finally I found one!
The concept of the game is really fascinating to me. Exploring the folklore of other regions is interesting, even more when it is about creepy stuff. You managed to create an atmosphere that is captivating and terrifying without using "in your face" jumpscares. The family's history, the things around white lady just made a setting that pushed you towards exploring the house. Story telling through scripted events is minimal, since the story is being told through the items, notes and the environment itself. I didn't know that each item had specific meaning, so I kinda screwed up, but I learned in the end what was the meaning behind them. This kind of gameplay mechanic is unique and actually helps you learn more about the folklore, which is a pretty nice touch. On top of all these, you added your native language as the language of the characters. This makes the game even more believable!
The environments are well presented with enough polish. The texture work is solid and the models are smooth and well made. The fog particle is well used, adding to the gloomy and dark atmosphere of the game.
Audio wise the effects were on point! From the ambient track to the intense music sequence, the audio work is solid. The mix is balanced too. Nothing is too loud or too low.
Overall it is a pretty enjoyable experience!! I can't wait to see how your project advances.
I wish you the best for your project!!

Thank You! We're really glad you enjoyed it. We want to create a new take on the horror genre in games which does not rely on its jumpscares.

I appreciated the focus on atmosphere, the build up had me thoroughly spooked. I'm very interested in the concept of each legend playing a part in social commentary-- imo that's the way horror should be. I'm looking forward to a full release! 

Thank you! Looking forward to sharing it with you as well!

Very interesting game. The sound effects were amazing


my channel:

watch video here:

Thank you! Glad to hear that :D

hey very nice game i enjoyed the atmosphere it was tense i felt like something was always lurking and keeping me on my toes i would like to see maybe some more intense scares but this is still a really good game i enjoyed it a lot hope to see a finished project sometime n the future 

link to channel;

Thank you for trying our demo! We hope you'll be spooked even more when the game is released. :)

Hello, thank you for this demo I found it to be very scary with a good atmosphere of horror and the freedom to choose what I can do, I hope I did not miss much :) I look forward to seeing what the three other horrors look like.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Thank you! We really wanted to push more of a cultural horror game instead of the traditional jumpscare routine. We believe you did not miss much except the other ending! :)

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